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RentMe Containers Come Standard With:

  • 8’, 12’, 16’, and 20’ Lengths for Versatility

  • + - 30 Minute Assembly Time to Reduce Labor Costs

  • Stainless Steel Hardware to Prevent Rusting

  • 6 Gage Corrugated Steel Roof for Durability

  • Welded & Riveted Solid Locking Pin Door Latch, Padlock Ready for Security

  • Multiple Exterior D-Rings for Tie Down & Pull Points

  • Fork Pockets for Ease of Handling

  • Ventilated to Help Prevent Condensation

  • 360 Degree Free Spinning, and/or 90 Degree Locking Heavy Duty Casters for Easy Loading, Maneuvering, and/or Stability on Unlevel Grade

  • (4) Caster Foot Pads for Parking on Asphalt

  • Exterior Receivers for Optional Gravel Moving Equipment Attachments

  • ¾” Sealed Polyurethane Marine Grade Plywood Flooring for Durability and Slip Resistance Benefits

  • Multiple Vertical Interior E-Track & D-Rings for Securing Cargo

  • Inside Emergency Door Release for Safety

  • FREE Personalized Graphics on Order Intervals of 12 (Quantity Intervals Subject to Container Size)

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