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The Secure Mobile Storage industry is huge and getting it for moving and storage, restoration, remodeling, and assorted other residential and commercial needs. Just look at the money PODS and U-Haul spends on soliciting the general public for their services.


From a start-up, or add-on business standpoint, it is very expensive to enter into this market due to the six-figure dollar amount it takes to acquire a Rollback Truck for delivering and picking up the containers. Not to mention the on-ground machinery needed for maneuvering.


Well, that has now changed with the offering, based on the legendary NO RAMP Trailer.

Introduced in 2009 for safety benefits, the NO RAMP Trailer has been the go-to trailer for Equipment Rental Houses, Electrical Contractors, Overhead Door Operators, General Contractors, and many others to transport their difficult and dangerous to load equipment such as; Scissor Lifts, Fork Lifts, Skid Steers, Pallet Jacks. Providing a + - 3-degree approach angle, add the Secure Mobile Storage Container to its list of perfect fits for easy and safe loading and unloading products.


Bottom line, if you own a pick-up truck, you’re ready to start being your own boss, or adding a very lucrative line to your existing business…by the way - no absurd franchise fees, or upfront buy-in costs!


Acquire the NO RAMP Trailer and as few or many containers as you would like and start earning profits today. You are welcome to use our artwork (for free) with your phone and website applied, or use your own artwork, whichever is best for you.

Either way, there are no franchise fees 

or any other ongoing profit-sharing dollars to give away.


Take a look around the website to further understand the offerings and feel free to reach out for availability and any other questions you might have through the Contact Us tab.


Thank you, and blessed dealings ahead.

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